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Empowering you for success!!!

Havilah Solutions is a consulting, coaching and training company dedicated to your personal development. We help individuals unlock their potential and achieve success in every aspect of their life by providing tools, resources and strategies through coaching, training and prophetic insight.

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Faith. Business.Community
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Consulting. Coaching. Training.
  • Business Intercession

  • Personal Development 

  • Emotional Wellness or Soul coaching

  • Spiritual Direction (Vision & Purpose)

  • Organizational change

  • Team Building

  • Retreats & Seminars

  • Workshops & Training

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Unlock your potential

Spiritual formation

Spiritual direction

Soul coaching

Vision & Purpose

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Enlarge your capacity

Virtual and in-person classes, seminars, workshops and bootcamp

Business Consultation


Partner with God for success

H2O offers innovative solutions to help alleviate the stress of running a business.